What Our customers have to say...

To Prospective Clients of Scott Lussier and the Oakwood Tree Care Professionals, Inc.

I am very pleased to recommend Scott to anyone needing truly professional arborist services. Scott is an exceedingly knowledgeable man, with years of schooling and the best practical experiences you can ask for. He is very careful to make a thorough examination of the tree(s) requiring work, clear in explaining the options for dealing with the problem(s), and attentive to the owners' desires. But if you think you want A, and Scott believes only B will work, he will explain the differences in approach in an effort to help the owner get best value for their investment. If part way through a job, Scott discovers new evidence (which might affect his initial recommendation), he's not afraid to say "my first reaction was this, but after further work, I believe we should change to that".

Scott is a true gentleman in every sense. His business practices are completely transparent, and I would happily leave the house wide open under his watchful eye, and have no hesitation that our privacy and security had not been compromised. He is friendly and eager to talk about his work. In walking around our property, he made very helpful observations about issues we were too untrained to notice. He is a stickler for safety and works well with other trades who may be in the general area. We had one very large tree which required a crane and heavy truck to remove. Scott explained clearly that the size of that job was beyond his capabilities, but he worked very well with the crew we engaged to do that work. If he says he will be there at a certain time on a given day, you can count on him fulfilling his commitments. In one case, a family emergency delayed him; he called promptly to explain the situation.

Bottom line - an A+ in every respect. Sincerely,

Nathan Hayward III
Former President of the of the Board of Directors at Longwood Gardens

"If you see great value in the trees on your property, and if you want them cared for by a highly skilled professional, the only person you need to call is Scott Lussier. Scott, the owner of Oakwood Tree Care Professionals, will talk to you in a manner that is easy for you to understand and he is a man who does what he says he is going to do and when he says he is going to do it. As a former arborist for Longwood Gardens, he has climbed and worked on some of the largest, oldest, most valuable trees in the Delaware Valley. There really is no one else in the Valley who should work on your trees, whether they are large shade trees or specimen ornamentals. You will not be disappointed."

Bill Simeral
Former General Manager, Landscape Services
Terrain at Styers
Concordville, PA

"Scott Lussier, of Oakwood Tree Care Professionals has done extensive consulting work for us at Kennett Square Golf & Country Club for many years. Scott's work and reports are of the highest level of detail I have seen. Most recently he prepared bid specifications for a comprehensive tree project on the golf course. The work and expectations were clearly spelled out. The bids that we received for the project were easy to compare because of Scott's attention to detail. We continue to use these same specifications for all our tree work. "

Paul S. Stead
Certified Golf Course Superintendent
Kennett Square Golf & Country Club
Kennett Square, PA


For each of the following people, I have personally taken care of trees on their respective properties. Feel free to contact Scott at 877 625 0001 to recieve the clients contact information.

Bill Simeral

V. P. Landscaping
J. Franklin Styer Nurseries

Concordville, PA 19331

Elise duPont

Patterns Garden
Rockland, DE

Bill Thomas

Executive Director
Chanticleer Foundation
Wayne, PA

Phil Gruszka

Director of Park Management and Maintenance Policies
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
Pittsburgh, PA

Art and Bess Mann

Donsco, Inc. & John Wright Company
Lancaster, PA

Michael Szafran

Grounds Superintendent
Penn Manor High School
Millersville, PA

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