Oakwood Tree Care Professionals

Going green is no new concept to Oakwood Tree Care Professionals, Inc. As a tree-care and consulting company, Oakwood has been attaining "green" status for years by providing personalized and top-quality tree-care services to both small and large landscapes in south-central Pennsylvania and Delaware. Because you care about your trees, Oakwood will care for your trees. So if your tree needs it, Oakwood can and will do it. Personally. You'll never have a sales rep, spray tech, or crew member show up to do the work. Instead, president and owner Scott Lussier will personally see to your every tree-care need.

Lussier is no sapling when it comes to trees. His 20 years' experience in the green industry, six of which as an arborist and pesticide applicator at Longwood Gardens, Inc, enable him to bring both expertise and professionalism to both the consultation and service. A Penn State graduate, Lussier is also an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (#PD-0358B) and an ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist (RCA #447).