Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My tree is sick. What can you do?

A: Most sick trees are the result of multiple incidents, not a single event. Therefore, try to recall what your tree used to look like and what changes to the area around the tree (i.e. construction, spraying weeds, adding a garden bed, etc.) have occurred, and locate old photos of the tree. Then call Oakwood at 1-877-625-0001 so we can discuss the possibilities.

Q: Can you plant a tree for me?

A: Yes. I do plant trees, but not in the traditional landscaping sense. For the best results, I'd prefer to evaluate your site first (soil, drainage, available space, sunlight, etc.) then develop a list of the best trees for that site.

Q: Can you teach me how to prune my shrubs and other plants?

A: Yes. I enjoy teaching my clients to maintain their properties properly. This saves them money and builds a sense of ownership for their garden.

Q: How can I save money working with Oakwood?

A: Besides saving money through Oakwood's affordable services, many of my clients choose to save money by helping with cleanup after a job is complete. I'll cut pruned limbs and wood into manageable sizes for them, and they'll move it or dispose of it at their leisure. When necessary, I'll arrange to have the debris cleaned up.